What’s in a Name?

Some names we choose.  Others choose us.  “Faithfool” was a bit of both.  It’s a play on my last name: Faithful.  This is my last name by birth.  I could have choosen to either embrace it or reject it; ignoring it was not an option.  I chose to embrace.  The reasons for that become clear in the stories that I tell.

But why “fool”?  There is something inherently foolish about faith: I put trust in someOne whom I have never seen, whose existence I cannot prove.   To the lover of pure reason, this is madness, for my life is ruled by the Unprovable.   To the non-commital soul, too, this is needless folly, for have committed myself to someOne, to the exclusion of all others.

Yet, true men of knowledgde realize their own finiteness.   Human reason recognizes its own limitations.  Whether by theory, by imagination, or by faith, we must all grasp beyond.  We all put faith in something, don’t we?  Where do you put yours?

And those who have embarked on their spiritual journey can all agree that their search is, foremost, one for Home.  Is one home as good as any other?  How can we know?

Perhaps faith is the wisest foolishness of all.

I know that I am finite and learning.  Whatever your wisdom or foolishness, I look forward to learning with you and from you.  Our spiritual journey is as much about listening as it is about Home.

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