Psalm 3

(An African-American Vernacular English translation from the original Hebrew)

From when David ran off from his son, Absolom.  

Damn LORD! 

Check it: all peeps be rollin’ up on me!    Mugs be all up in my grill. They be sayin’, “God ain’t got yo’ back.”  Sheeeih…. 

Nah, man!  O LORD, You got my back: You too much, and all that, an’ Ya’ hold my head high. 

I holla’d to the LORD, an’ He holla’d back at me from His holy mount.  Sheeeih….

I laid down and slept;

then I got up, ‘cause God got my back.

Got no fear of all y’all fools around me,

tryin’ to keep me in check.


Get up, O LORD! 

Save my sassafrass, O my God!

For you smack my enemies up side da’ head.

You bust them in the tooth.

Salvation!  Whose’s dat?  The LORD!

Blessing!  Whose’s dat?  His people!



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  1. very cool

  2. I can only hope that this blesses as many people as it offends.

  3. Fo Shizzle….

  4. Now that is the response I was hoping for!

  5. how is this not out and out blatant racism, disguised behind the front of religion?

    guess what?

    it’s horribly racist, coming from a proud black man.

    fuck all of you.

    • The whole point of the site is to be irreverent in order to be relevant.

      This may be in poor taste, but it is still an expression of faith.

      I, too, am a proud black man.

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