Lonely Matinee

On Going to the Movies Alone

The theater was as dark as the day was bright, and as eerie, empty, and old.  The walls inside and out were the color of old toothpaste but smooth as marble, as if the paint had been chosen thirty years ago and purchased in bulk, a fresh coat for every year for a century.  A handful of high schoolers, retirees, and I settled down for our blockbuster of choice.  The momentary embarassment and awkwardness were a small price to pay, as was the $6.50.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about you the past couple of days! What is going on in your world? And why am I under the friends in strange places? What strange place am I in? Oh, and I saw someone left a comment on your blog about seeing Jesus Camp. I just saw it. I have a lot to say about it. You should see it so that I can talk to you about it!

  2. Some people have Kiev or Granada for their strange places. Your strange place is Atherton/the unending job search. Plus I was trying to work with a finite number of categories and some of them ended up being a bit of a stretch, yours included.

    “Jesus Camp” soon.

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