The State of the President

George W. Bush is a person.  Some people think that he is evil or stupid.  A dwindling number of people think that he is the Man with the Master Plan.  But what if he’s just some dude…

1… who knew what to say at the right time to get himself to the top (Rove helped)

2… whose greatest fault might be that he’s so damn sure of himself (used to be endearing)

3… who never learned to admit a mistake (WMD)

4… and who, at the end of the day, may find himself very, very alone?  (Even Rove has resigned now)

The hopes and dreams of the right-wing Christian conspiracy were vested in him.  What do we have to show for it?

Bush is not a man to hate, much less a man to envy.  But a man to pity and to pray for, to be sure.  God have mercy on the man (or woman) who inherits those shoes.  God have mercy on us all.


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  1. GW Bush has above average intellegence which he has not used or develloped in any meaningful or constructive way.What intellegence he has has been to become very good at failing gracefully.

    He had the opportunity to have the best education this world is capable of providing.He did not take the slightest advantage of this opportunity.

    GW Bush was not an undecent person. Insiders have given glimpses of that at cabinet meetings.

    When they were talking about a second tax cut for the rich, Bush said something to the effect of “Hav’nt we shafted the middle class enough”? And cheney said “STAY ON MESSAGE!”


  2. In the runup to the war and they were talking about the reasons for invading, Bush asked “Is THAT all we got?”

    No, Bush was not stupid or basically evil but he was used by some pretty smart evil people.

    I am not sure where I read the above but probably in one of Bob Woodward’s 3 books or the one by O’Neill.

  3. There is a lesson for believers here. At the next election, I hope fewer Christians buy the hype about candidates’ faith. No one can serve God and mammon (or money, or power, etc.)

  4. Gasdocpol:
    Bush is only a pawn…. That’s scary.

    So what you’re saying is that we need a candidate who serves God rather than power/money/etc.? Or did your suggestion have a subversive bent along the lines of “Christians might be voting more pro-money than pro-God when they vote Republican”? (quote: me)

  5. It would be even scarier if Bush were actually calling the shots.

  6. All those checks and balances are great in the end.

  7. My comment is more cynical than subversive. Politically, I am independent. I just don’t see how anybody can get into a position of power in this country without being thoroughly corrupted by the process; whether they are Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Independent, or anything else. Every elected official is beholden to one lobby, PAC, or special interest group or another; whichever one kicked in the most to their campaign. However, if anybody disagrees with me, I would love to have my cynicism blunted a little bit, so talk back by all means.

  8. Strangely enough,G.W ended up speaking at my graduation ceremony from college. The whole campus, as you can imagine, was aflame w/ opinions surrounding His Majesty’s entrance.

    I remember feeling immensely sorry for Mr. Busch during the ceremony and I’m not a big fan of his polocies per say. A close friend of mine too, who is EXTREMELY opposed to him felt the same way. Not sure what caused this emotion to well up? Maybe some of the jokes he made making fun of himself or maybe the thought that he didn’t feel welcomed troubled me?

  9. odgie You are basically right but some politicians are currupted more than others.If you don’t make deals it is very difficult to be elected, if not impossible.

    I suspect that an uncompromising person like Ralph Nader is beholden to NO ONE but for that reason will never be elected President.The vested interests would come up with billions if necessary to keep him out of the Presidency.

    In my opinion GW Bush is totally owned by the Neoconservatives who took a drifter with a drinking problem and made him first a governor then president.

    He has worked hard maintaining a front since he is president but prior to that he never demonstrated the mental capacity, ambition nor character required to be President. THIS OBVIOUSLY IS ONLY MY OPINION.

  10. Gasdocpol and odgie: there is hope. Sure, power corrupts, so everyone in power is implicitly suspect. But check out Newark mayor Cory Booker (and forgive me my source).

    Laura: a good friend just received a very, very nice thank you card from the White House. For what? For sending W. a birthday card. We joked that he had sent the only one this year.

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