Gradschool: A Day in the Life

And I didn’t even have class today.  I’m trying a new experiment, where I get up at the same time on my off days as I do on my class days.  A 12-hour work-day?  You be the judge. 

7am wake-up, breakfast

8am prioritize, figure out that I forgot to buy 12 books, start translating Greek

9am – 11am more Greek

11am – meditation/nap

12pm – lunch + Arrested Development (Season 3)

1pm – dishes, run, shower, shave

2pm – speed read

2:50pm – Halo 

3pm – more reading

4pm – still reading

5pm – groceries, make dinner

6pm – eat dinner, more AD3

7pm – catalogue every German theologian in the past 200 years, chase the sunset

8pm – email/blog/order those books I forgot

9pm – phone calls, more AD3

10pm – bed

11:30pm – fall asleep

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  1. Wow! And you managed to sneak in 10 minutes of Halo in there. My judgment? 12 hour workday indeed.

  2. In order to maintain this regimen, I might have to start playing more Halo.

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