In Praise of Snow

Sudden blanket

blinding white

muffling mufflers

with delight!

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Expect More Stupid

Deep down, I wish I had been an English major.  Nowhere is that more clear than on my morning commute.  

I am slighly distressed when I see the sign from the casino: “Lose track of time.  And inhibitions.”  I realize that I wasn’t keeping track of my inhibitions in the first place. 

I see the sign “Prairie Rehab” above a patch of grass near the overpass, and I stiffle laughter at the imagined, crack-smoking prairie dogs in my head. 

But I cannot tolerate the bank slogan : “Expect more easy.”  Now, “Expect more.  Easy!” would have been fine.  While ineffective in an ad, “expect more easily” would at least have been grammatically correct.  But this verb needs a noun for an object, and “easy” is not a noun.  What were they thinking?  Do they not know that people with degrees in this stuff are looking for jobs?

In-Body Experience

I was feeling very incarnate the other day.  Not that there is any other way that I should feel, nor that that I should dare to feel divine.  No.  On this particular day, I simply felt very much myself, more human, more whole, more grounded.  I was me being me, not trying to be anyone else, and not trying to do much in particular, other than my job.  I did not know what to say, other than “Thanks!”

The Curse of Cool

Yesterday’s David Hasselhoff is Today’s David Hasselhoff

There are few curses as grave as coolness.  Why?  Because to be cool is to be in style, and to be in style today is to be out-of-style tomorrow.  Like Patrick Swayze.  And just remember Louis XIV — and look-alike Fredrick the Great — vying to rule the known world with his hair parted like a big poofy butt right down the middle. 

I hope you’re not as cool as you used to wish you were.