The Curse of Cool

Yesterday’s David Hasselhoff is Today’s David Hasselhoff

There are few curses as grave as coolness.  Why?  Because to be cool is to be in style, and to be in style today is to be out-of-style tomorrow.  Like Patrick Swayze.  And just remember Louis XIV — and look-alike Fredrick the Great — vying to rule the known world with his hair parted like a big poofy butt right down the middle. 

I hope you’re not as cool as you used to wish you were.


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  1. We all know I’m not cool. I like to keep myself at at least a toasty 85, thank you very much.

    Speaking of cool and David Hasselhoff:

    If your blog readers didn’t already love DH, they probably will now.

  2. Like, wow!

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