Expect More Stupid

Deep down, I wish I had been an English major.  Nowhere is that more clear than on my morning commute.  

I am slighly distressed when I see the sign from the casino: “Lose track of time.  And inhibitions.”  I realize that I wasn’t keeping track of my inhibitions in the first place. 

I see the sign “Prairie Rehab” above a patch of grass near the overpass, and I stiffle laughter at the imagined, crack-smoking prairie dogs in my head. 

But I cannot tolerate the bank slogan : “Expect more easy.”  Now, “Expect more.  Easy!” would have been fine.  While ineffective in an ad, “expect more easily” would at least have been grammatically correct.  But this verb needs a noun for an object, and “easy” is not a noun.  What were they thinking?  Do they not know that people with degrees in this stuff are looking for jobs?


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  1. I actually just blogged about this at http://papercutstar.wordpress.com

    It’s all about whether it resonates with the reader- grammatically correct or not. Thought it was a funny coincidence that we were basically blogging about the same issue- just taking different sides…

  2. Different emphases, at least, perhaps not different sides. We need fast, simple prose. Life is too short. But what the crap is “more easy”? How can I buy if I don’t even know what they’re selling?

  3. […] around WordPress looking at other folks’ blogs on writing/marketing. I came across this one post that illustrated the main point of my last blog entry […]

  4. In their defense, maybe they wanted to say “Expect more easy _________!” but they didn’t have room on the billboard for the blank. The blank could be filled with “transactions,” “money,” “women,” etc.

  5. Isn’t it pretty self explanatory what a bank provides? You can probably assume they were talking about transactions, withdrawals, loans, financial advice, etc. Or maybe they did mean women. lol. Or monkeys, yes “Expect more easy monkeys.”

  6. More monkeys, more problems.

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