If you don’t believe that Jesus is God, why not Tom Cruise? Or FM-2030?

If you’re not sure Tom Cruise is crazy, check out his interview expressing his hope to “create a new reality… with enough love, compassion, and toughness.”  I miss Jesus already.  (Helpful explanations of his jargon here.)

Yet Scientology is part of the larger movement of transhumanism, and they’re not even the craziest ones in the movement.  Not to be confused with transsexuality, which this is not the place to discuss, transhumanists hope to incorporate advances in technology and “spirituality” to become immortal, post-human entities (and sometimes cyborgs).

I originally entitled this post “Science Fiction + religion – God = 😦 ” but changed when I realized that some might infer atheist non-cult-members, many of whose views I greatly respect, as being lumped along with self-theist psychos. I value dialog with people of other beliefs, but even I have my limits and and some point have to cry, “Dude, that’s loco!”

Worship someone, please, but not your future self.


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  1. Dude that is loco! Good to hear you’re keeping on keeping on. Good blog. See you when our paths cross next.

  2. Not to mention that Scientology “helps” its members as long as they are able to give money to the “church.” I saw something on Dateline I believe about regular people (read: not rich celebrities) going bankrupt in order to achieve the next level of “knowledge.”

    It’s just sad what C-rate science fiction writers will do for money.

  3. Or D-rate….

  4. Those clowns are advertising on my site… I can’t decide, blick their google ads or make money off them. Could anyone of sane mind take them seriously? I think not. Better to make money off them. (AimforAwesome.com)

  5. If their beliefs are contradictory to yours, you’d let them advertise on your site? aimforawesome.com looks very self-help cheesy. Your own site is many things, but cheesy it is not.

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