Bratz vs. Barbie

Special guest-contributor the Future Mrs. Faithfool.

“What’s the point of Bratz? To get girls excited about dressing like whores. At least Barbie dresses with class.”


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  1. jupp, bot they are both skinny as sticks..

  2. Spell-check, have you heard of it?

  3. Both excellent points.

    Jeanett, we need dolls on the market that are at least as correct proportionally as they are anatomically.

    FMF, speel chik iz da bom.

  4. I missed a button or two, so what?

    they have found out that if Barbie was made out to be a real human, she would be 21(or something like that) and have a waist of a 12 year old.

  5. […] sexy, teen girls, young girls As the mother of a girl-child, this quote from fellow blogger FaithFool struck an immediate and very deep chord with me. Well, its not actually his quote – but something […]

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