What Dogs Smell

For Emma.

When dogs smell, they smell in vivid color. They smell every hue of days past and days to come. When dogs smell, they smell the eons, every forefather and foremother who has ever peed. When dogs smell, they smell the beginning of time, the history of their race and of humanity, too. When dogs smell, they follow every trace of the Creator’s touch. When dogs smell, they do not smell rot or stench or death. Even bad smells smell good, for dogs smell redemption.


In Praise of Snow

Sudden blanket

blinding white

muffling mufflers

with delight!

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Treetop Prayer

Lord, where will I meet you?

On bridge of steel

or bridge of stone

or in the water

that binds life to life?

On a blank page

in the autumn air

up in the branches of a tree?

You are more

than everything

and not

any thing

but everywhere

I see


best climbing tree ever

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The First Day of School

Through windows wide the coolness crept, swept me onto my feet for the blinding brightness of day.  Open mind, blank slate, open arms, full plate, I swaggered, soon staggered into the rest of my life.

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A Summer Song

The flying of the year

the frying of the day

now frees our fetid fear

as all time flows away.

We do not mind the toil.

We do not mind the speed.

But our hearts recoil

to boil as we bleed!

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I washed off the wilderness but not the wildness, the dirt that untamed my soul.

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Forest Feast

We pressed through thorn and spiderweb, darkness and rain, to the palace and to the feast, as any lumpy bed and paltry meal would be for such weary wanderers as we.

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No Majesty without Mystery

We swam through the green, roots and rotting logs our steps into the clouds.  The sunset found us on quartz boulders, Shining Rock in the shadow of Cold Mountain.  No postcard vistas for us, only glimpses through the mist with joy!  There is no majesty without mystery.

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Sunset over the Al-Hambra

Into the wind

above the haze

to the top

of the highest hill

every green and red

stretched to silver grey

over the palace

where my grandfathers’ ghosts

still walk


with each other


the light


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in the way

that all women

are dangerous

but she

more than most

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